Rules for UGC Publication

1. Content Requirements
  - Submitted content must be original, genuine, and legal, and should not infringe upon the intellectual property rights or other legitimate rights and interests of others.
  - It must not contain pornographic, violent,terrist, fraudulent, or other illegal and prohibited information.
  - Commercial information such as advertisements, promotions, and recruitment should not be posted.

2. Format Requirements
  - The title should be concise and accurately summarize the content of the submission.
  - The body of the text should be neatly formatted with clear paragraphs for easy reading.
  - If images or videos are included, they should be clear and stable, without affecting the reading experience.

3. Review Process
  - All submissions will be reviewed within 5 working days. Approved submissions will be published on the platform.
  - In case of rejection, the reason will be communicated via an in-site message or email.

4. Copyright Statement
  - The contributor agrees to grant the platform the right to use their work. The platform reserves the right to display, disseminate, and perform other operations on the work.
  - The platform will protect the copyright of the contributor. Any infringement will be promptly addressed.

5. Handling of Violations
  - If the submitted content is found to violate these rules, the platform reserves the right to delete the relevant content and take actions such as warning or banning the contributor.
  - In case of legal disputes arising from the submitted content, the contributor shall bear the corresponding legal responsibility.

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